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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:EHRD
Airport IATA Code:RTM
Airport Type:A - Civil
Longitude/Latitude:E 004° 26' 14.00"/N 51° 57' 25.00"
Elevation:-15 ft / -4.57 m
Location:Rotterdam, Netherlands
Magnetic Variation:W 0°23.9' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC+1(+2DT)

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Approach Control APP127.025 M126.675 M281.05 M
Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS110.4 M
Ground Control DEL122.175 M
Tower TWR118.2 M119.7 M362.3 M

Runway Information

Runway 06/24

Dimension:7218 x 148 ft / 2200.0 x 45.1 m
Surface:Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
  Runway 06 Runway 24
Longitude:4.428242 / E 004° 25' 41.67"4.455081 / E 004° 27' 18.29"
Latitude:51.952086 / N 51° 57' 07.51"51.962850 / N 51° 57' 46.26"
Touchdown Zone Elev.:UnknownUnknown
Displaced Threshold:656 ft656 ft
Lighting System 1:Centerline Lighting SystemSequenced Flashing Lights
Lighting System 2:High Intensity Runway LightsCenterline Lighting System
Lighting System 3:SALS or SALSFHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 4:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorALSF-1


Caution - Rpt windspeed for Rwy 24 at theTDZ is up to 17 percent too lo for 290 -010 , 12 percent too lo for 130 -170 .
Fluid - De-Ice
Fuel - (NC-100LL, A1)
Oil - 0-117-149-156
Operating Hours - Opr 0500-2030Z++ Mon-Fri; 0700-1600Z++ Sat; 1000-1900Z++ Sun, Christmas Day, New Year's Day. PPR for all non-homebased gen avn, perms granted with confirmed handling fr Rotterdam Jet cntr at C+31(0)2984949, 2984948 freq 131.97, AVIA-Partn
Operating Hours - er at C+31(10)2382704, FAX-2382707 freq 131.75. For further info ctc arpt auth C+31(0)4463456.
Restricted - Arpt clsd 2130-0600Z++ exc for emerg, rescue, police, Coast Guard flt and diverting acft (Arpt may be filed as altn dur ngt hr). Arpt auth may grant perms for ldg and tkof of taxi/executive flt, by acft with max 19 seats and MTOW up to and
Restricted - incl 43 metric tons, gov flt and ambulance flt. Arpt auth may grant perms for ldg/tkoff of delayed sked acft til 2300Z++ and for positioning flt fr 0500Z++. Rwy 24 only avbl for tkoff. No trng flt for acft with GWT abv 13,227 lb. Max s
Restricted - peed 15 Kt on apn, incl Twy N and Y. For assistance, ctc SCHIPHOL at C+31(0)204062314 or 4062316.

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