Information of Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport

Corfu (Kerkyra, Kerkira), Greece

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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:LGKR
Airport IATA Code:CFU
Airport Type:A - Civil
Longitude/Latitude:E 019° 54' 42.00"/N 39° 36' 07.00"
Elevation:6 ft / 1.83 m
Location:Corfu (Kerkyra, Kerkira), Greece
Magnetic Variation:E 3°05.4' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC+2(+3DT)

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Air/Ground KERKIRA RDO5637 K2989 M
Approach Control KERKIRA APP118.075 M122.1 M122.35 M278.25 M
Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS126.35 M
Tower KERKIRA TWR120.85 M122.1 M257.8 M

Runway Information

Runway 17/35

Dimension:7792 x 148 ft / 2375.0 x 45.1 m
Surface:Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
  Runway 17 Runway 35
Longitude:19.909211 / E 019° 54' 33.16"19.914606 / E 019° 54' 52.58"
Latitude:39.612283 / N 39° 36' 44.22"39.591275 / N 39° 35' 28.59"
End Elevation:6.0 ft6.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:Unknown6.0
Displaced Threshold:1348 ft213 ft
Lighting System 1:Medium Intensity Runway Lighting SystemMedium Intensity Runway Lighting System
Lighting System 2:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorRunway End Identifier Lights
Lighting System 3:SALS or SALSF
Lighting System 4:PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator


Caution - Bird haz.
Fuel - A1 (EKO Alda Abee, avail 0600 - 2000Z++, OT H24 PN, fone C30-66-10-45930) Caution: Quality Hold on A1. (NC-100LL)
Lighting - ABn, white coded K. PAPI Rwy 17-35 rcpt ltd to 8 either side of cntrline. PAPI Rwy 35 GS 3.08 .

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