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Pusan, Korea, Republic of

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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:RKPK
Airport IATA Code:PUS
Longitude/Latitude:E 128° 56' 17.60"/N 35° 10' 46.30"
Elevation:13 ft / 3.96 m
Location:Pusan, Korea, Republic of
Magnetic Variation:W 7°19.5' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC+9

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Approach Control APP135.7 M225.1 M
Arrival Control ARR119.2 M134.4 M230.1 M253.8 M
Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS126.6 M235.1 M
Clearance Delivery CLNC DEL121.8 M229.525 M
Departure Control DEP125.5 M363.8 M
Ground Control GND121.9 M275.8 M
Operations COWBOY OPS133.825 M250.25 M
Ramp Control RMP126.65 M317.45 M121.725 M
Tower TWR118.1 M126.2 M233.3 M236.6 M

Communication Remarks

  • Approach Control - VFR svc avbl prior to 25 NM out. Call 230.1 250.4x
  • Automatic Terminal Information Service - Digital ATIS svc avbl.
  • Operations - (PDM acft)
  • Ramp Control - Civ apn digital pre dep clnc svc avbl.
  • Tower - Unable to ctc in W quad byd 17 NM blw 4000'. All acft flying S quad within 10 NM and CTLZ blw 4000' should ctc twr prior to cros for clnc.

Runway Information

Runway 18L/36R

Dimension:9007 x 150 ft / 2745.3 x 45.7 m
Surface:Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
  Runway 18L Runway 36R
Longitude:128.937411 / E 128° 56' 14.68"128.940556 / E 128° 56' 26.00"
Latitude:35.194089 / N 35° 11' 38.72"35.169478 / N 35° 10' 10.12"
End Elevation:8.0 ft8.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:9.08.0
Lighting System 1:Sequenced Flashing LightsSequenced Flashing Lights
Lighting System 2:High Intensity Runway LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 3:Runway End Identifier LightsRunway End Identifier Lights
Lighting System 4:MALS and MALSF or SSALS and SSALFALSF-1
Lighting System 5:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorPAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator
Lighting System 6:WaveoffWaveoff

Runway 18R/36L

Dimension:10499 x 197 ft / 3200.1 x 60.0 m
  Runway 18R Runway 36L
Longitude:128.935128 / E 128° 56' 06.46"128.938831 / E 128° 56' 19.79"
Latitude:35.193872 / N 35° 11' 37.94"35.165189 / N 35° 09' 54.68"
End Elevation:12.0 ft12.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:13.013.0
Lighting System 1:Sequenced Flashing LightsSequenced Flashing Lights
Lighting System 2:Centerline Lighting SystemTouchdown Zone Lighting
Lighting System 3:High Intensity Runway LightsCenterline Lighting System
Lighting System 4:Runway End Identifier LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 5:MALS and MALSF or SSALS and SSALFRunway End Identifier Lights
Lighting System 6:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorALSF-2
Lighting System 7:PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator


403 WG AFRC - Dangerous cargo acft advs twr IAW AFJI (AIR FORCE JOINT INSTRUCTION) 11-204 prior to ldg. Aft ldg, all 4 eng prop acft will shutdown outboard eng as soon as practical aft clearing rwy. 4 eng turbojet acft will taxi with outboard eng at id
403 WG AFRC - le to minimize FOD. Special VFR not auth. AMC msn aircrews ctc the Air Mobility Control Cntr - (AMC Comd Post), call sign BRICKWALL, with arr and dep info. HF fone patch to Air Mobility Control Cntr thru YOKOTA AWY. Emerg fone nr for al
403 WG AFRC - l US svc lctd in ROKAF Base OPS. Non-PDM acft RON notify ROKAF OPS of crew lctn for emerg notification. Non-AMC acft rqr AMC svc must coord min 48 hr, D 763-3584. Kal ramp lctd on west side of afld btn twy W2 and W3. All KAL related msn m
403 WG AFRC - ust be complete prior to 0730Z. Rotary wing acft must taxi to KAL ramp, do not land directly on ramp and do not directly over fly guard shack adj to W3. Ctc Cowboy OPS 10 min prior to ldg. Air Trml and gnd handling svc opr 2230-0730Z wkd.
403 WG AFRC - Acft rqr air trml and gnd handling svc are rqr to provide 72 hr PN to HQ AMC Tanker Airlift Control Cntr and Base OPS. All acft req AMC svc exc Channel acft rqr 72 hr PN. No arm/de-arm/PAX (daylt opr only). The sfc of Rwy 18R-36L is pa
403 WG AFRC - rtially grooved. Addn arpt altn name: PUSAN WEST.
A-GEAR - Barriers are only in place dur US govt PDM flt act. Barriers may rqr 30 min PN when not already in place 2200-0730Z wkd and longer aft hours, wkend, and hol.
Caution - Stu trng 2330-0800Z. Extv convl and jet trng acft in all quad. Intmt paradrop trng is conducted 220 6.5 NM fr end Rwy 36R. Bird act in vcnty of Gimhae; keep abv 1000' dur lo apch if possible. Apch end MA-1A cable and webbing (in down
Caution - posn) connected at all times. Possibility of inadvertent MA-1A engagement dur planned BAK-12 engagement by tailhook eqpt acft. Aft dep Rwy 18L climb rwy hdg and cross dep end of Rwy 18L at or abv 180' AGL. Rwy may have significantly poo
Caution - r BA when wet. See AP/3, Chap 3, KOREA, Supplementary Airport Remarks.
Fuel - AV gas, A1, J8, 5 days PPR for more than 1000 gal. Tramp Oil Avn, LTD (82-2729-3729).
JASU - 4(MD-3) 7(MC-1A) 7(MC-2A) 8(JET EX-40) avbl gnd eqpt.
Lighting - PAPI Rwy 18L/R MEHT 58', PAPI Rwy 36L/R MEHT 60'. PAPI Rwy 18L/r unuse byd 2NM fr thld. Cir guidance lgt rgt-side Rwy 18R.
Restricted - Quiet hr 1300-2200Z. 24 hr PPR all US mil acft exc emerg, ctc Base OPS DSN 787-4313, US mil acft for KAL ramp ctc Cowboy OPS DSN 787-4430/4432 C82-51-979-4430/4432. Lcl rstd max ldg wt 580,000 lb. Rwy 18R/36L clsd 19 Jan til 30 Jun 06 due
Restricted - to const.
Runway - Rwy 18L-36R clsd for const til Oct 2008.
Traffic Pattern - Jet 1500', convl 1000', copter 500'. E pat for Rwy 18L-36R not auth.
Transit Alert - No tran maint. Ltd prk spaces.

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