Ehud Gavron's Photo Gallery

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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

N2TC @ 93AZ - N2TC about to take off after a morning with the cars on track at Indy Motorsports Ranch.
N2TC @ 93AZ
N818MC @ P13 - Lots of gear attached.
N818MC @ P13
N818MC @ P13 - N818MC parked next to its fuel tank.
N818MC @ P13
N911UF @ KTUS - N911UF at Med Trans hangar, KTUS
N4204X @ KTUS - N4204X at home base, Tucson Arizona, after the initial ferry flight from KORL.
N4204X @ KTUS
N4204X @ KBAZ - Pilot and Co-pilot taking a rest stop to fuel up and have breakfast at IHOP in New Braunfels TX
N4204X @ KBAZ
N4204X @ KHII - N4204X after a rest stop at Lake Havasu
N4204X @ KHII
N702MT @ KTUS - MedTrans helicopter at their hangar, Tucson AZ
N630GJ @ KHII - Post-Thanksgiving weekend parking at Lake Havasu