Joop de Groot's Photo Gallery

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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

A-937 @ LSMO - training aircraft at Magadino
A-937 @ LSMO
A-934 @ LSTA - One of the most beautiful airfields to take pictures was Raron the the Rhone valley. No fences and this mountenous background offered great opportunities.  It was closed in 1993.
A-934 @ LSTA
A-926 @ LSMD - AMEF Flugmeisterschaften
A-926 @ LSMD
A-915 @ LSMP - return from a local flight
A-915 @ LSMP
A-908 @ LSME - Seen during a base visit to Emmen. The flightlines were packed with aircraft than.
A-908 @ LSME
A-906 @ LSMS - Sion AB flightline. There were lots of light aircraft and stored Vampires than.
A-906 @ LSMS
A-925 @ LSMJ - During the WK'93 this PC-7 was parked in de fields just off the main road through the Rhone valley.
A-925 @ LSMJ
A-914 @ LSMM - Meiringen flightline
A-914 @ LSMM
A-938 @ LSMP - nice new colours.
A-938 @ LSMP
A-914 @ LSMM - There are still some PC-7's flying in the classic orange colours.
A-914 @ LSMM
A-903 @ LSMS - Thanks to the base commander we got acces to the flightlines to take our pictures. It was great to walk around freely.
A-903 @ LSMS
A-936 @ LSMM - The PC-7 looks nice in its new bright colour scheme.
A-936 @ LSMM
A-902 @ LSMJ - This PC-7 was photographed while taking off from Turtmann. 2003 was the last year of flying activities on this base.
A-902 @ LSMJ