Can anyone tell me about my Great Uncle George Skistmas who built N6186L Piet N Pol?

Copyright 2013, pmoffler, posted on 2013-07-31

I'm Phil Moffler an EX Avionics Technician who just found out that George Skistmas is my my Great Uncle. I was doing my family tree and learned of Mr Skistmas while doing my research. My mother had always told me about a relative that she wished I could meet because he was just as avid an aviation person as I am. I was told he started working for the Wright Bros. aircraft company (quite some time ago). I hope he hasn't passed on yet as I would really like to meet him. My history in aviation is quite extensive and the different models of airframes I worked on are many. I know all about helicopter and fixed wing autopilot and much much more! If anyone can tell me what they know about Mr. Skistmas it would greatly appreciated. Please email me at or call me at (570)622-2586. And thank you so much for any help you can give me!   

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