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N341AL photo, click to enlarge
2014 Arion Aircraft LLC LIGHTNING LS-1, Jabiru 3300A 6 cylinder, 120 Hp max, 107 Hp continuous, sleek S-LSA. Aircraft suffered landing gear damage at CMA on 6 May 2016. Crashed near VNY 2 August 2016-one fatal. This photo on KTLA TV news with permission.
168352 photo, click to enlarge
BELL/BOEING MV-22B OSPREY TILTROTOR, two ROLLS ROYCE ALLISON T406/AE 1107C LIBERTY Turboshafts, 6,150 Hp each, with FADEC & HOTAS, USMC version, on SUN AIR JETS ramp under Guard until AIRSHOW flight/capability display time.
N273MD photo, click to enlarge
2008 Dickenson Howard DGA-21 "Mr. Dickenson", P&W R-1340-57 Wasp 600 Hp radial, Experimental class one-off. Bruce's Incredible Accomplishment! His design and build combines elements of DGA-6+DGA-15=DGA-21. . SZP's Signature Aircraft.
N360KS photo, click to enlarge
Klaus Savier SAVIER EZ, one-off canard pusher 'DETERMINATOR' of Light Speed Engineering, Lycoming O-360 @250 Hp, Plasma CDI ignition mod, lube mods, extensive carbon-fiber mods, takeoff roll Rwy 04. See
ZU-XML photo, click to enlarge
2009 SA Ravin Aircraft CC RAVIN 500, Lycoming IO-540 260 Hp, winglets, of Troll Air on Round the World Solo Flight, pilot Calle Hedberg, 160 gal. wing tanks+ferry tank, South Africa-based, thanks for stopping at SZP! landing roll Rwy 04
N151WR photo, click to enlarge
2001 Balz TM-1 THUNDER MUSTANG 'Cloud Chaser', Falconer V-12 640 Hp, 75% scale carbon fiber P-51, 102 gallons, Cruise-345 mph, Vne 505 mph, where's the nearest fuel pump?, taxi
N529B photo, click to enlarge
1944 Boeing B-29 SUPERFORTRESS 'FIFI', four Wright R3350-42 Cyclone 18 cylinder turbocharged radial engines 2,200 Hp each. WORLD'S SOLE REMAINING FLYING EXAMPLE. On final for displaced-threshold Rwy 26.
N233N photo, click to enlarge
1956 DeHavilland (Canada) DHC-2 Mk 1 BEAVER, Baron MK2000 Special Edition, P&W R-985 Wasp Jr. 450 Hp radial, an extraordinary returning visitor landing roll Rwy 22
N190RF photo, click to enlarge
1944 Focke Wulf Fw 190A-9, BMW 801 series radial 1,973 Hp, taxi to 26. Wings Over Camarillo Airshow 2012- Rudy Frasca's rare visitor. See in-flight photos.
N208PZ photo, click to enlarge
Short Bros. PLC S312 TUCANO (Toucan) T1 Mk.1, one Garrett TPE331-12B Turboprop 1,100 shp, 4 blade prop. Built under license from Brazil's Embraer EMB-312 highly modified to RAF requirements
N7746B photo, click to enlarge
1992 Ffa Fleugzeugwerke Altenrhein Ag AS202/18A4 BRAVO, Lycoming AEIO-360 Aerobatic, landing roll Rwy 22. ONLY ONE REGISTERED IN THE USA! return visitor. See more photos.
N160U photo, click to enlarge
1960 Beech E33C BONANZA, Aerobatic for two at 2,800 lbs. Capable of Aileron roll, Barrel roll, Inside loop, Immelman, Cuban 8, Split S. Quick-rel. door, Shoulder harnesses-front seats, G meter, spec. fuel boost pump, checkerboard tail/wingtips. Rare model