VFR US Coast-to-Coast in a 40 year old Cessna 172M - N64023

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The adventure started on Monday March 30th 2015, after several months of rigorous preperation and planning.

Jonathan and I set off in N64023: a well maintained 40 year old Cessna 172, Model M, taking off early in the morning from KRHV, the base for the airvcraft. We headed south east towards KWJF for a fuel stop, then pushed on forward to KCGN - our first planned overnight stop.

That was the first day of what would be an epic 2.5 week adventure, taking us across this vast nation and back. It was a tremendous experience for a low time pilot like myself: all PIC duties rested on my shoulders, ahuge responsibility. But I was comforted by the fact that Jonathan had taken a pinch hitter course, which gave him some very basic stick and rudder skills should I become incapacitated for whatever reason. 

The journey took us to 23 general aviation airports. Our flight path across the USA took us over 24 States, flying approximatley 5585 NM (10,341 KM). The Hobbs meter clocked 68 hours total and we burned through approximatley 472 gallons of 100LL.

Given the time of year and associated weather, we were grounded several times along our journey. We also had to take a more southernly route back from the East Coast than orginally planned, keeping in mind that the entire journey was conducted in VFR conditions giving my PPL ratings. Needless to say, lots of planning and last minute adjustments to those plans were made on a daily basis. Patience had to be, and was, excercised. In some cases we had to just 'wing it' while airborne.  

The trials, tribulations, and experiences of this amazing journey were documented by Jonathan in a multi-part video blog series. You can follow the journey on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlWE7hT45Ef23velIIaxcKQnBsJZAEm0o.

So grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the flight. 


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