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CS-TFM @ LAX - Leased to Air Pacific (Fiji), EuroAtlantic Airways CS-TFM on short final to RWY 25L.
3507 @ ORF - Fuerza Aérea Mexicana 3507 arriving to RWY 5 from Green State Airport (KPVD) - Providence, Rhode Island. Rare sighting at Norfolk and great to see an old 727 still flying.
3507 @ ORF
3507 @ ORF - Fuerza Aérea Mexicana 3507 from Green State Airport (KPVD) - Providence, Rhode Island, on short final to RWY 5.
3507 @ ORF
78-23128 @ ORF - US Army Beechcraft C-12C Huron 78-23128 starting takeoff roll on RWY 5. Aircraft is based at Fort Belvoir, VA near Washington, D.C.
78-23128 @ ORF
N480JC @ VCV - Ex G-SJET, now owned by a leasing company, seen here at Victorville.
N480JC @ VCV
N654AR @ ORF - EP Aviation LLC's 1994 Fairchild Swearingen SA227-DC Metro 23 N654AR rolling out on RWY 5 after arrival from Melbourne Intl (KMLB). This was presumably a fuel stop on a trip to Bangor Intl (KBGR).
N654AR @ ORF
C-FBZZ @ ORF - 1979 Piel Emeraude CP-305 C-FBZZ climbing steeply away from RWY 5 en route to Myrtle Beach Int'l (KMYR).
N580GP @ NTU - Matt Chapman acknowledges the crowd's appreciation of his spectacular aerobatic performance as he taxis before them.
N580GP @ NTU
N580GP @ NTU - Matt Chapman taxiing past the crowd after an excellent aerobatic performance.
N580GP @ NTU