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N701AC @ 34AZ - pictured in 2001 at its base in Chandler Memorial AZ - this aircraft was sold in the Phillipines as RP-C2996
N701AC @ 34AZ
N138FF @ 34AZ - on T&G ramp at Chandler Memorial in 1996
N138FF @ 34AZ
N131FF @ 34AZ - Lockheed Hercules on the T&G Ramp at Chandler Memorial  in 1996
N131FF @ 34AZ
N132FF @ 34AZ - Hercules on the T & G ramp at Chandler Memorial  in 1996
N132FF @ 34AZ
N130PS @ 34AZ - The Lockeed C130B cn 3212 that used to wear these marks was photographed on the T&G ramp at Chandler Memorial in 1996
N130PS @ 34AZ
N301JT @ 34AZ - This Douglas C54B-DC of Pacific Air Express was photographed at Chandler Memorial in 1996
N301JT @ 34AZ
N90804 @ 34AZ - This DC7 sprayer finally ended its days at Chandler Memorial
N90804 @ 34AZ
N90MA @ 34AZ - THE DC6 that wore these marks (c/n 43128) was eventually broken up at Chandler Memorial AZ - but not before it had seen service around the world , Delivered to British Commonwealth Pacific as VH-BPH , it then moved on to Air New Zealand as ZK-BFC , before
N90MA @ 34AZ
N44911 @ 34AZ - Bierget Aviation C54B  in pretty good external condition despite long term desert storage
N44911 @ 34AZ