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N421QB @ LHD - 1952 Canadian Car and Foundry Harvard MK IV at Lake Hood
N421QB @ LHD
N4393E - This Fairchild C-123 sits in the grounds of Kulis National Guard Base wearing its serial (5)64395
N7848B @ ANC - 66 years old - and still flying  , Everts C-46 awaits clearance to take off from Anchorage Int
N7848B @ ANC
N777YA @ FAI - This DC£ was delivered to USAF as 43-48373 but transferred immediately to US Navy as Bu17259 - operated for Wien Alaska as NC21769 and later as 777DG before becoming N777YA in 1983
N777YA @ FAI
N305SF @ PAQ - This DC3 sitting quitely on the Palmer Municipal Airport hides a past that saw a WWII campaign in North Africa as 41-38749 as well as being involved in D-Day
N305SF @ PAQ
N1394N @ PAQ - Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcar sits at Palmer Municipal  , ec US Navy 131673
N1394N @ PAQ
N8501W @ PAQ - Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcar sits at Palmer Municipal  , ec US Navy 131695
N8501W @ PAQ
N59314 @ PAQ - DC3 sits in storage at Palmer Municipal - excellent potted history for this aircraft at    http://www.ruudleeuw.com/n59314.htm
N59314 @ PAQ
N50CM @ PAQ - This DC3 sat at Palmer Municipal - there seems to be some doubt as to its history - see http://www.ruudleeuw.com/dc3_p1.htm - half way down the article
N1036F @ FAI - Delivered to USAF as 51-3834 in 1952 it served until 1975 when it was stored at Davis Monthan , bought by Robert G Sholton in 1976 and registered as N1036F in 1979  it was operated by Northern Air Cargo from 1981 - believed to be now a time expired frame
N1036F @ FAI
N1027N @ FAI - Delivered to USAF as 51-3833 in 1952 it served until 1975 when it was stored at Davis Monthan , bought by Robert G Sholton in 1976 and registered as N1027N in 1979  it was operated by Northern Air Cargo from 1981 - believed to be now a time expired frame
N1027N @ FAI
N434TA @ FAI - Delivered new to Western Air Lines as N91310 in 1954 - it then operated for Los Angeles Dodgers as N1R & N180R then as HK-1029 in Ecuador , EC-BBK with Spantax in Spain , converted to sing tail in 1975 and operated as N434TA by Zantop - stored for 1978-87
N434TA @ FAI
N7379C - Close -up of details of previous military identity
N7379C - This C-45F Expeditor now resides at a PRIVATE lot just off Bradley SkyRanch , North Pole , AK  it is ex 43-35748A
N96358 @ FAI - Delivered to USAF as 44-9058 in 1945 - immediately transferred to the US Navy as Bua90397   - stored at Davis Monthan from 1970 before becoming N96358 with Gerald D Wilson in 1972 and with Aero Flite in 1979 - now sits in Brooks Fuel Yard at Fairbanks Int
N96358 @ FAI
N555SQ @ FAI - Delivered to United Airlines as N37585 in 1957 , operated until 1968 , stored for 3 years at Ryan Field ,AZ before becoming N555SQ with Sis-Q Flying Services and subsequently with Macavia , T & G Aviation , Barron Thomas and Everts Fuel
N555SQ @ FAI
N2409R @ FAI - MSN 303 Operated by the US Navy as 141020 from new in 1956 until being stored at Davis Monthan in 1983
N2409R @ FAI
N530MH @ AK28 - 1957 Broussard still sits on an apron at Chena Marina in Fairbanks
N530MH @ AK28
N95460 @ FAI - Delivered to USAF in 1944 as 43-15724 , became N95460 with Northern Consolidated , then Interior and Yukon Air Services , before ending up with Air North in 1977 , now sits in Brooks Fuel Yard
N95460 @ FAI
N666SQ @ FAI - Originally delivered to United Airlines as N37515 way back in 1947  it was then operated by Sis-Q Flying Services and Macavia as N666SQ before ending up in Everts Storage compound
N666SQ @ FAI
N3050P @ FAI - Delivered new to the Flying Tiger Line as N34957 in 1953 , under the same registration operated for , Northwest Orient , Zantop , Saturn and British West Indian before coming C-GBYB with Conifair
N3050P @ FAI
N951CE @ FAI - Delivered in 1954 to US Navy as Bu131593 , subsequent to USAF as 51-17643 , long storage at Davis Monthan before N951CE
N951CE @ FAI
N60759 @ FAI - This aircraft was delivered new to Western Air Lines as N93124 in 1957 , operated for Chilean Air Force , before Conair as C-GJKT
N60759 @ FAI
N810CS @ FAI - C-118A  ex 131604 sits in Everts Storage area at Fairbanks Int
N810CS @ FAI
N8062H @ BGQ - This Beech C-45F that sits derelict in the long grass at Big Lake in Alaska is a bit of a mystery  - it has a registration of N8062H painted on one side ,an article on the internet suggests its msn is 8387 which would probably make it ex JRB-4 44-87128 -
N8062H @ BGQ
N888E @ BGQ - A sad sight to see this C-45G  (ex 51-11698) sitting derelict at Big Lake Airport in Alaska
N888E @ BGQ
43-15200 - This Douglas C-47 is preserved at the Alaskan Transport Museum in Wasilla , Alaska
N3144W - Although formerly registered as N3144W - this C123B still wears the N98 registration from its time with the FAA , also ex 55-4558 , this aircraft is now at the Wasilla Transportation Museum
N101Z - This Douglas DC3 previously operated as 41-18482 and then as N99 with the FAA - it now sits at the Wasilla Transport Museum in Alaska
N30TN @ ANC - Trans Northern DC3 at Anchorage Int
N851M @ ANC - DC3 sits in late evening sun at Anchorage Int
N851M @ ANC
N351CE @ ANC - Everts DC6 on their Anchorage ramp
N351CE @ ANC
N400UA @ ANC - Everts Air Cargo is still flying 54 years after being delivered to Pan Am as N6258C in 1954
N400UA @ ANC
N11DA @ MRI - Beech C-45G on Merrill Field ramp
N58DG @ MRI - Grumman Widgeon at Merrill Field
N153PA @ ANC - A Convair 240 of Desert Air at Anchorage
N153PA @ ANC
N13122 @ LHD - 1943 Widgeon at the Alaska Aviation Museum at Lake Hood
N13122 @ LHD
N12347 - By the side of the Old Steese Highway in Fairbanks
N12347 - Having once been delivered new to Flying Tiger Line as N34955 in September 1953 - this aircraft was moved to a corner plot on the Old Steese Highway in Fairbanks  - why ??  - because it just seems to be dumping ground now
N999SQ @ FAI - This aircraft was delivered to Swiss Air in 1951 as HB-IBA and is finishing its life on top of a shop outside Pike Landing on the approach road to Fairbanks International
N999SQ @ FAI
N82FA @ ENN - This damaged DC-4 is well hidden from view at Neana Municipal , Alaska
N20861 @ IYS - This Grumman Albatross is ex Bu141278
N20861 @ IYS
N57875 @ LHD - This OA-10 was involved in a forced landing in Dago Lake AK, in Sept 1947 , lay abandoned for over 30 years before eventually recovered by helicopters and preserved , unrestored outside the Museum on Lake Hood
N57875 @ LHD
N702FY @ 95Z - Stored C-45 sits in a private lot just off Bradley Skyranch , North Pole , AK
N702FY @ 95Z
N779TA @ FAI - A view inside the cockpit of this classic airliner
N779TA @ FAI
N779TA @ FAI - Northern Air Cargo's Dc-6  , now time expired at Fairbanks - this aircraft  operated in Brazil between 1959 and 1978 as PP-LFC
N779TA @ FAI
N9767Y @ FAI - Convair C131F stored on Everts ramp at Fairbanks
N9767Y @ FAI
C-FTBI @ ANC - Air Alkan Skyvan was a surprise visitor to Anchorage
N116AG @ MRI - Grumman HU-16C  at Merrill Field , Anchorage
N116AG @ MRI