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N5635V @ OSA - Flying with Andrew from the Mid America Flight Museum !!
N5635V @ OSA
N193LN @ LNC - Flying with Jon Bodie in his Nanchang - Warbirds on Parade 2019
N193LN @ LNC
N529B @ RBD - Flying aboard the Commemorative Air Force's B-29 FiFi at the 2018 Wings Over Dallas Airshow.
N529B @ RBD
N5635V @ OSA - Dawn goes for her first Stearman ride!
Mid America Flight Museum
N5635V @ OSA
N3267G @ BKD - Riding along with the Aeroshell team! 
Breckenridge Airshow 2018
N3267G @ BKD
N1954Z @ CXO - Flying over Lake Conroe, Texas preparing for a water landing!
N1954Z @ CXO
N696WM @ BKD - Rolling around the skies over Breckenridge, TX with Kelly Mahon
N696WM @ BKD
N1042B @ BKD - Flying in the B-25 God and Country with Scott Glover and crew at the 2017 Breckenridge Airshow (Trip to Sweetwater, TX to visit the WASP Museum)
N1042B @ BKD
N28RE @ BKD - Flying in the back seat with Andrew Kiest over Breckenridge, TX
N93012 @ DAL - Flight from Temple to Dallas 3.22.2017
N93012 @ DAL
N41HQ @ KOSA - Flying in the C-41 with owner Scott Glover and WWII Pilot Bill Cheolas
N101NZ @ 16X - T-6 Ride at Propwash Fly-in - w/ Steve Swift
N101NZ @ 16X
N2047 @ RBD - Tora Tora Tora kate ride Wings Over Dallas 2016
w/ Mark Todd
N2047 @ RBD
N240P @ NFW - Flying at the 2016 Navy Fort Worth Airshow
N240P @ NFW
N24927 @ LNC - In flight on the way to the 2014 Warbirds on Parade
N24927 @ LNC
N5017N @ GKY - Departing Arlington Municipal - Arlington, TX
N5017N @ GKY
N3242G @ AFW - Tora Tora Tora flight at the 2013 Alliance Airshow.
N3242G @ AFW
N251MX - Collings Foundation P-51C flight from Auston to Fort Worth - Thanks Jim!
N33VW @ AFW - Flying with the Cavnaugh Flight Team and the Canadian Skyhawks Parachute team at the 2012 Alliance Airshow - Fort Worth, TX
N911KK @ DAL - On board the Collings Foundation UH-1E Huey for a flight from Dallas Love Field - Hunter Adams Photo
N911KK @ DAL
N224J @ DTN - On board the Collings Foundation B-24J Witchcraft on the Shreveport to Dallas leg. (Thanks Jim! ) 
Goolsby and Otter on the flight deck.
N224J @ DTN
N3701G @ CNW - View from the starboard navigators window on the B-17 Chuckie on downwind for TSTC Waco Airport, 1987
N3701G @ CNW
N3476G @ DAL - Tondelayo! Looking out the left waist window on a Collings Foundation flight!
N3476G @ DAL
N17PY @ GKY - Stearman at Arlington - I had my first Stearman ride in this airplane!
N565TX @ BPT - On the way to Beaumont for an Airshow - Mike Voracek, Pilot - Formerly Texas Air Command Museum now in Smithsonian American History Museum
N565TX @ BPT
N582TX @ GKY - Texas Air Command OH-58A
N582TX @ GKY