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N240P @ LNC - Air to air with the CAF A-26 on the way to the 2014 Warbirds on Parade
N240P @ LNC
N5017N @ GKY - At Arlington Municipal - Arlington, TX
N5017N @ GKY
N224J - Collings Foundation P-51C flight from Austin to Fort Worth - Thanks Jim!
N33VW @ AFW - At the 2012 Alliance Airshow - Fort Worth, TX Shot with me on board! Thanks to Mike Keaveney for the pic!
N251MX @ DTN - Collings foundation P-51 at Shreveport Downtown Airport
N251MX @ DTN
N5017N @ FWS - Aluminum Overcast flight - Fort Worth, TX - 2011 

N5017N @ FWS
N24927 @ EFD - CAF B-24A at the Wings Over Houston Airshow
N24927 @ EFD
N3242G @ EFD - Tora Tora Tora Kate Replica at the 2009 Wings Over Houston Airshow
N3242G @ EFD
N565TX - UH-1 Huey Formerly of the Texas Air Command Museum now in the Smithsonian Museum of American History - Photo taken by my son.
N911KK @ FTW - Collings Foundation Huey at Vintage Flying Museum
N911KK @ FTW
N3476G @ DAL - Collings Foundation - Tondelayo after another great day of flying!
N3476G @ DAL
N2047 @ TPL - At Central Texas Airshow - Tora Tora Tora Kate Replica
N2047 @ TPL
N3701G - B-17 Chuckie - Departing Meacham Field
N101NZ @ FTW - At the Vintage Flying Museum - I had my first AT-6 ride in this airplane!
N101NZ @ FTW
N17PY @ GKY - At Arlington Municipal - Formerly with Texas Air Command Museum
N582TX @ BPT - On the way to Beaumont for an Airshow - Texas Air Command Museum - Taken from N565TX
N582TX @ BPT
N565TX @ BPT - Formerly Texas Air Command Museum now in Smithsonian American History Museum Washington D.C.
N565TX @ BPT