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N805C photo, click to enlarge
2001 Raytheon Beech SUPER KING AIR B200, 2 P&W(C)PT6A-42 turboprops 850 shp ea. Hartzell 4-blade CS reversible-pitch props with autofeathering & synchrophasing. Pressurized w/service ceiling over 35,000'.
N1114K photo, click to enlarge
1997 Raytheon Beech B200 SUPER KING AIR, two P&W(C)PT6A-42 Turboprops 850 shp each
N788SF photo, click to enlarge
Raytheon Beechcraft SUPER KING AIR B200, two P&W(C)PT6A-42 Turboprops 850 shp each, Hartzell four-blade CS reversible-pitch auto-feathering & synchrophased props, T-tail, Pressurized
N717FM photo, click to enlarge
1998 Raytheon Beech B200 KING AIR, Two P&W(C)PT6A-42 turboprops, 850 shp each
N408RN photo, click to enlarge
2000 Raytheon Beech B200 KING AIR, two P&W(C)PT6A-42s of 850 shp each, B200 has more efficient engines, increased zero fuel weight & increased pressurization