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N1168U photo, click to enlarge
N1168U, 1958 Sikorsky S-58ET, one P&W(C)PT6T3 TWIN-PAC 1,875 SHp Turboprop at the Thomas Fire Firebase
N191SG photo, click to enlarge
N191SG 1984 Bell 206B JetRanger III, Allison 250-C20 turboshaft 400 SHp, at SZP Thomas Fire Firebase, Note smoky sky. (I did NOT move this photo).
N2FH photo, click to enlarge
N2FH 1986 Sikorsky S-70C THUNDERHAWK FIREHAWK, 2 GE T700-GE-401 Turboshafts 1,690 Shp each, Restricted forest
N911KW photo, click to enlarge
N911KW 1973 Bell 212 Twin Two-Twelve, one P&W PT6T Turbo Twin-Pac derated to 1,290 SHp driving single shaft to main rotor & anti-torque rotor, Restricted Forest-at SZP Firebase
N1043T photo, click to enlarge
N1043T 1982 Sikorsky S-61A FireBomber at SZP FireBase
N1168U photo, click to enlarge
N1168U 1958 Sikorsky S-58ET, P&W(C)PT6 Twin Pac Turboshaft 1,800 SHp upgrade. One of the older FireBombers at the SZP FireBase. At 59 years, probably older than its pilot crew.
N366K photo, click to enlarge
1957 Cessna 182A SKYLANE, Continental O-470-S 230 Hp, landing roll Rwy 04
N31482 photo, click to enlarge
Aviation Museum of Santa Paula, Hangar 5, The Donalson hangar, Dale's Aviat PITTS Special S2-A, N31482, chocked in front
N65124 photo, click to enlarge
Banner Tow sequence by N65124 Boeing Stearman, banner drop on 22L and fly away. Note towline. End of sequence photo.
N65124 photo, click to enlarge
N65124 Boeing Stearman A75N1 (PT17) with 450 Hp upgrade and square wingtips mod making steep climb after successful banner pickup from 22L. This photo 3 seconds later than prior photo.
N65124 photo, click to enlarge
1943 Boeing A75N1 (PT17), P&W R-985 Wasp jr. by Jacobs, 450 Hp upgrade, takeoff climb Rwy 04
N110AS photo, click to enlarge
A pair of WACO Classic YMF-F5Cs parked on the transient line on First Sunday Aviation Museum of Santa Paula Open House & Fly-In. N110AS & N196RB.