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N63EE photo, click to enlarge
1999 QUICKSILVER SPORT 2S AMPHIBIAN, Rotax 582ULDCDI Model 99 2-stroke liquid-cooled 65 Hp, dual carburetors, takeoff climb Rwy 22. Rare to see Amphibious EXP U L.
N628PV photo, click to enlarge
2000 Rosales SPECIAL VAN's RV-6A, Lycoming O-360-A1A 180 Hp, excellent workmanship. Nearly 3,800 hours on this aircraft, these folks really travel! See for more info.
N4638W photo, click to enlarge
1977 Rockwell 112TC-A TURBO ALPINE COMMANDER, Lycoming TIO-360-C1A6D 210 Hp, takeoff roll Rwy 22
N130LD photo, click to enlarge
2009 Ayers LESS DRAG SPECIAL, Lycoming IO-540-D4B5 260 Hp, MT four-blade scimitar prop. Two-place tandem seats. Crashed near OXR-two fatal. R.I.P.
N612A photo, click to enlarge
1929 Kreutzer K-5 Tri-Motored AIR COACH, three Kinner K-5 5 cylinder radials 100 Hp each, Sole remaining example, fixed-pitch props, maintained in valid airworthy condition, at Golden Wings Museum
N788H photo, click to enlarge
1930 Stearman 6L CLOUDBOY, Lycoming R-680-4P-B4 225 Hp, at Golden Wings Museum. RARE! One of just 10 airframes built, although certified for 6 different engines ranging from the 165 Hp Wright to the 300 Hp Pratt & Whitney radials.
N78MP photo, click to enlarge
1988 Mooney M20L PFM, Continental IO-550-G 280 Hp upgrade conversion by STC replacing original Porsche Flugmotor 3200 no3 217 Hp, first modern Mooney with 20 inch extended fuselage, 12 inch to cabin, #10 of 40 production.
N94PT photo, click to enlarge
2006 Tackabury LANCAIR IV, Continental TSIO-550 350 Hp, Light Speed Engrg. plasma ignition, CS 3-blade prop, retractible gear, glass panel, dual side stick control. The Screaming Yellow Zonker won the EAA Cross-Country Race-AirVenture 2008.
N51EW photo, click to enlarge
Actor Tom Cruise's North American P-51K MUSTANG 'Kiss Me Kate', a stunning restoration! 1,500 K models were built for a 1944 USAAF contract with the 1,490 Hp V-1650-7 engine as the ultimate factory development of the MUSTANG. Experimental class.
N817TX photo, click to enlarge
1942 North American AT-6D TEXAN 'Problem Child' lighting the dynamite stick, P&W R-1340 600 Hp, nose art logo
N50V photo, click to enlarge
1931 Sikorsky S-39-C Amphibian, P&W R-985 450 Hp. How many of these do you see every day? OSH EAA AirVenture annually is the place to see the old, the new, the rare exotic and everything in-between.
N4444Z photo, click to enlarge
1958 DeHavilland BEAVER DHC-2 MK.1 on straight floats, P&W R-985 450 Hp, contented copilot at cruise over Alaska lakes (shameless self-photo)