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N3942V photo, click to enlarge
1948 Cessna 170, Continental C145-2 145 hp, early 170s had dual wing bracing struts shown here. Note the Pitot tube on aircraft's left wing. After Henri Pitot (1695-1771), French physicist who invented original instrument for velocity flow measurement.
N1204H photo, click to enlarge
1948 Aeronca 15AC SEDAN, Continental C-145 145 Hp, in 1950 a 15AC set a 42 day in-flight endurance record with in-flight refueling-for plane & pilots, large balanced rudder, metal covered wings. Beautiful appearance!
N6970U photo, click to enlarge
1964 Mooney M20E SUPER 21, Lycoming IO-360-A1A 200 Hp. CLOSE COINCIDENCE! In 1966 I flew a 1964 Mooney M20E Super 21 N6980U back in Minnesota!
48-626 photo, click to enlarge
1948 Northrop YC-125B 'Raider', three Wright R-1820-99 1,200 Hp Cyclones. Rare aircraft only 23 built for USAF-13 A models-10 B models. YC-125B is Arctic Rescue version for cold weather tests. Just 2 YC-125s survive
N5367C photo, click to enlarge
1950 Cessna 140A, Continental C90 90 Hp, taxi. Absolutely stunning appearance, I had my first C140A flights in Summer 1957. The A model has single strut and metal covered wings.
N2979T photo, click to enlarge
1966 Aero Commander (Meyers) 200D, Continental IO-520 285 Hp, 210 mph cruise @ 75%, 80 gallons fuel, landing Rwy 04
N815AH photo, click to enlarge
2006 Air Creation USA TANARG, Rotax 912ULS 80 Hp pusher, Weight-shift control Experimental class Light Sport Aircraft, takeoff climb Rwy 22. New wing?
N58TT photo, click to enlarge
1978 Cessna T210N TURBO CENTURION II, Continental TSIO-520-AF 310 Hp, Retractable gear, Pressurized, RADAR on right wing
N71594 photo, click to enlarge
1946 Luscombe 8A, Continental A&C65 65 Hp, paint stripe refinished as an 8C, but is not an 8C SILVAIRE
N3040G photo, click to enlarge
1961 Forney FORNAIRE F-1A AIRCOUPE, Continental O-200-A 100 Hp upgrade, SAME OWNER/PILOT AN INCREDIBLE 50 YEARS, takeoff climb Rwy 22
N13101 photo, click to enlarge
1973 Cessna 172M SKYHAWK, Lycoming O-320-E2D 150 Hp, first C172 model with drooped wing leading edge, taxi
N2028K photo, click to enlarge
1947 Luscombe 8E SILVAIRE, Continental C85 85 Hp, ONE OWNER 60+ YEARS! Incredible rarity! landing roll Rwy 22