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N2114Z photo, click to enlarge
1984 ICA (Intreprinderea de Constructii Aeronautice) Brasov IAR-823, Lycoming IO-540-G1D5 290 Hp, Hartzell CS prop, fully-retractible tri-gear, Frise-type slotted ailerons
N2114Z photo, click to enlarge
1984 ICA-Brasov IAR-823 Romanian 2/5 seat tourer/trainer, Lycoming IO-540-G1D5 290 Hp, fully aerobatic as two-seater, all-metal semi-monocoque construction with fiberglass engine cowling
N129GC photo, click to enlarge
1980 ICA Brasov IAR823, Lycoming IO-540-G1D5 290 Hp Romanian fully aerobatic trainer